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Georgia ForestWatch is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization based in North Georgia. All donations are tax deductible.

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Georgia ForestWatch
81 Crown Mountain Place
Building C, Suite 200
Dahlonega, GA 30533

Dear ForestWatch Friend,

What do you value about our National Forest in Georgia?

  • the spreading mountain vistas that feed our souls?
  • the flowing rivers that provide clean waters for us all?
  • opportunities to play in the Forest, whether hiking, biking, paddling, climbing, hunting, fishing?
  • the richness of wildlife, large and small that live in and fly above forestlands and streams?
  • the amazing diversity of trees and plants that fill our forests?

Whatever you value most, Georgia ForestWatch has been deeply involved in protecting these treasures.

Although the past year presented challenges and changes for us all, ForestWatch has continued full steam ahead toward meeting our goals to preserve, protect, and restore the 867,510 acres of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest (CONF), the largest public domain in the state. But our work is possible only through your support–and your financial contribution plays a vital role in protecting and preserving the Forest lands that we all love and value.

In the past year, with the support of our donors and volunteers, ForestWatch has worked to:
implement our Clean Mountain Streams program aimed at closing or fixing some of the worst Forest roads that impact the quality of mountain water

  • expand our Community Science projects that teach volunteers about watershed and aquatic life protection; how to survey and record data about sediment impact to streams; how to protect Hemlock and Ash trees threatened with extinction.
  • continue campaigns to curtail illegal and damaging off-road activity in the National Forest
  • ensure that environmental safeguards are in place and followed for projects contracted by the Forest Service (FS) and special use permits awarded by the FS
  • investigate, monitor and suggest improvements to a multitude of FS initiatives such as the Fightingtown Creek timber harvest, Brawley Mountain Project and Cooper Creek Watershed project.

In all of these cases, we have been able to report successes, thanks to the support and often the active involvement of our members. Many of these efforts will continue to require our attention in the coming year, and new major challenges are ahead.

This summer the Forest Service re-issued its revised Foothills Landscape Project and ForestWatch is again at the forefront to help design a process that will ensure citizen collaboration and involvement in Forest management decisions. Recall that the Foothills project is extensive and involves management and use of nearly 140,000 Forest acres in north Georgia. We must stay involved in this massive Federal agency project for many years to come in order to ensure a healthy outcome for the forest and its users.

In the coming year, we will also begin preparing and gathering resources to take on a public leadership role in revision of the next Forest Plan for the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. Protecting the 40 areas that are designated Georgia Mountain Treasures will be one of the key goals as ForestWatch takes on Forest Planning.

We are a lean and efficient organization, with a small professional staff and a core of volunteers willing to put boots on the ground across north Georgia and help spread our strength and our ability to keep our eyes on the Forest. But the task ahead is not possible without your generosity, stemming from the love and value you have for our National Forest in Georgia. Our best hope to achieve our goals is that you will step up and provide the strong support we need.

Georgia ForestWatch began in 1986 and has been using legal action, grassroots advocacy and coalition building to protect, preserve and restore our Forestlands. Thanks to our members and supporters, we’ve achieved many wins. To keep on winning, it will take savvy professionals who understand the Forest and the agency that is tasked with its management. It will take passionate volunteers willing to put boots on the ground throughout the forest. And it will take your membership and generosity. Please donate as you are able and help us protect the lands and values you treasure.

Thank you for your generous support!