Problem Roads 2021

These roads were selected for our 2021 Clean Mountain Stream Campaign. To explore these roads further you can click each road name to see the official Forest Service Google map. OR Copy and Paste the coordinates in the Georgia ForestWatch interactive webmap. OR view more pictures on our new interactive Volunteer Map

CRRD – Chattooga River Ranger District
BRRD – Blue Ridge Ranger District
FS – Forest Service (road)

Nimblewill Gap (FS 28-2, BRRD)

34°36’42.1″N 84°13’26.0″W

USGS Topo Quad Map: Nimblewill
Goal: rehabilitate

Status: open road with no rehabilitation plan

Description: This is a through road that provides access to the Appalachian Approach Trail.  We have seen it steadily deteriorate over the years.  The steeper segments of the road are severely eroded.

Flatlands Road (FS 256; south end only, BRRD)

34°43’31.8″N 84°01’45.8″W

USGS Topo Quad Map: Suches

Goal: close the southern half of the road.

Status:  The Forest Service is identifying private property boundaries along the road, a necessary step to start gating the road.

Description:  This road is not passable for regular vehicles.  It does go to a private inholding but they use the northern section of the road to access their property.  The road is routinely used by 4-wheel-drive enthusiasts. The ruts get deeper and the run-off in Suches Creek gets worse. There is one private property owner on the south end of the road, but the closure could begin after his access point and that’s when the road starts getting bad anyway.  David Govus and Cliff Shaw have talked to adjacent property owners and USFS road personnel in the Blue Ridge District about this road.  Property owners are fine with closure. Ranger District has yet to respond with action.  GAFW suggests trees be felled to block this road rather than trying to limit access with a gate.

Tickanetley/Bucktown (FS 665, BRRD)

34°39’48.4″N 84°14’25.7″W

USGS Topo Quad Map:  Noontootla

Goal: close road

Status: open seasonally

Description: This is a dead-end road in generally poor condition.  It does not provide access to anything specific.

Horseshoe Ridge (FS 55, BRRD)

34°37’41.1″N 84°01’25.2″W

USGS Topo Quad Map: Suches and Campbell Mountain

Goal: rehabilitate or close.

Status: Open year round

Description: This is a steep through road with many eroded stretches.  It accesses areas that are not close to any other road, but does not go to any other infrastructure.

Tray Mountain (FS 79; aka Chimney Mountain Rd, CRRD)

34°47’35.2″N 83°42’51.1″W

USGS Topo Quad Map:  Tray Mountain

Goal: close or rehabilitate

Status: no official decision to close the road, but the road has been gated and blocked with berms.  Adjacent sections of roads experiencing increased use and deteriorating.

Description: This road ascends the south side of Tray Mountain to a high gap and the Appalachian Trail. Two other roads provide access to the same gap.  It became a popular 4-wheel-drive route and eroded to the point that it was not usable to people without specialized vehicles.  The local paper published a story on the poor condition of the road.  The Forest Service closed the road about two years ago, but has not made any decisions on it’s long-term fate.

Darnell Creek (FS 150 CRRD)

34°57’05.6″N 83°20’26.8″W

USGS Topo Quad Map: Rabun Bald
Goal: rehabilitate

Status:  Open.  The District has applied for emergency Forest Service funds to repair the road, but it is not optimistic about getting them.

Description: Darnell Creek Road is a dead end route that provides access to the Darnell Creek Target Range.  The road traverses the slopes along Darnell Creek and has become badly eroded.

Charlies Creek Rd (Towns County)

34°57’31″N 83°35’46″W

USGS Topo Quad Map:  Hightower Bald

Goal: rehabilitate or close.

Status: open.

Description: This is a Towns County road that traverses Forest Service land in the CRRD and the Appalachian Trail.  It has been the site of Jeep rallies.  One end fords the Tallulah River while the other side is extremely steep.

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