Past Outings and Events

Medicinal Herb Hike with Patricia Howell 5-14-2019
Warwoman Dell to Martin Creek Falls Hike 5-4-2019
Ramp Cove Wildflower Hike 4-27-2019
Johns Mountain/Blue Spring Branch 4-20-2019
Camp Creek Wildflower Hike 4-6-2019
Big Tree Hike at Kelly Ridge 3-2-2019
Tree ID Hike at DeSoto Falls 2-16-2019
Valentine’s Day on the Wagon Train Trail 2-14-2019
Hike Inn Program & Old-Growth Forest Hike with Forest Ecologist Jess Riddle 2-6-2019
Appalachian Trail Hike/ Woody Gap to Lake Winfield Scott 12-1-2018
AT Hike-Dicks Creek Gap to Powell Mountain 11-7-2018
Mount Yonah (“The Bear” in Cherokee) 11-4-2018
Invasive Species Issues Hike & Removal 11-3-2018
Rich Slopes Near Monticello with Dr. JP Schmidt 10-20-2018
Stonewall Falls Trail Hike-Back by Popular Demand! 10-20-2018
Naturalist’s Stroll on the Bartram Trail–Dicks Creek Falls 10-2-2018
Naturalist’s Stroll on the Bartram Trail–Dicks Creek Falls 9-26-2018
Smithgall Woods State Park Hike with Jess Riddle & Tom Hennigan 9-8-2018
Sassafras Mountain Hike 8-4-2018
Snorkeling with the Forest Service, Conasauga Style! 7-21-2018
Second Chance/ Cooper Creek Old Growth & History/ Valley of the Giants 7-20-2018
Medicinal Plants Hike at Black Rock State Park 7-3-2018
Summer Tree ID Walk with Georgia Champions 6-26-2018
Help Fight Invasive Species! 6-21-2018
A Georgia’s Mountain Treasures Stroll on Little Cedar Mountain and Canada Creek 6-3-2018
A Naturalists’ Stroll at High Shoals Falls 5-30-2018
A Slow Hike at Wit’s End/ Wildflowers and Conasauga History 5-5-2018
Ramp Cove Wildflowers & Big Trees 4-28-2018
Keown Falls and Johns Mountain Trail HIke 3-24-2018
Rabun Bald St. Patrick’s Day Slow Poetry Hike 3-17-2018
Wagon Train Trail – Brasstown Bald Hike 2-17-2018
Hemlock Falls Trail Hike at Moccasin Creek State Park 1-21-2018
Celebrate the New Year with Us! Rabun Bald Hike & Stekoa Creek Park Potluck 1-1-2018
Smithgall Woods State Park Hike with Jess Riddle & Tom Hennigan 12-9-2017
Burgess Mountain Hike in the Oconee National Forest 11-19-2017
Geology and Natural Communities at NW Georgia’s Fascinating Zahnd Tract 11-4-2017
Camp Creek Hike with Southern Appalachian Plant Society 10-13-2017
“Slow Hike” for Artists, Writers and Forest Bathers 9-24-2017
Family Friendly Hike; Tesnatee Gap to Cow Rock Mountain 9-16-2017
Snorkeling with the US Forest Service 8-5-2017
Naturalist’s Stroll with Maureen Donohue and Sue Harmon 7-29-2017
Poetry & Music Hike with Marie Dunkle & Laurence Holden 7-15-2017
Old-Growth “Valley of the Giants” Hike with Sue Harmon & Anne Hughes 6-21-2017
Summer Tree ID Walk with Georgia Champions 6-2-2017
Chestnut Lead Trail Hike May 20 with Forest Ecologist Jess Riddle 5-20-2017
Wildflower & Herbal Walk with Patricia Kyritsi Howell 5-9-2017
Till Ridge Cove Hike with Jess Riddle and MikeBrod 4-21-2017
Keown Falls & Johns Mountain Trails Hike with Robin Hitner 3-25-2017
Naturalist’s Stroll to Raven Cliff Falls 3-4-2017
Hike Inn Program & Winter Tree ID Hike with Forest Ecologist Jess Riddle 2-7-2017
Rock Creek Hike with Dr. JP Schmidt 1-29-2017
Geology Hike at Black Rock Mountain 12-10-2016
Poetry Hike at Lake Winfield Scott 12-9-2016
RESCHEDULED/ Murder Creek RNA Hike 12-3-2016
Invasive Species Removal, Logan Turnpike Trail 12-1-2016
Stonewall Falls Trail Hike with Marie Dunkle 11-26-2016
Murder Creek RNA Hike 11-19-2016
American Chestnut Outing with Dr. Martin Cipollini 11-12-2016
Stonewall Falls Birding Hike with Jack Johnston 10-25-2016
Smithgall Woods State Park Hike with Jess Riddle & Will Wagner 9-24-2016
Medicinal Plants Hike with Patricia Kyritsi Howell 9-23-2016
Ravencliff Faa Road Birding Walk with Olya Milenkaya 9-10-2016
Snorkeling with the US Forest Service 8-13-2016
Benton MacKaye Trail Hike with Jess Riddle 8-06-2016
Wagon Train Trail Hike with BMTA 2-4-2016
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