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Our Top Successes


Halting Clear-Cutting & Revisiting Thinning

Clear cutting is not the same as a natural disturbance—it is forest destruction pure and simple.

Identifying & Preserving Old-Growth

In 1991, the acting supervisor of the Chattahoochee National Forest declared that only four acres of old-growth trees remained in the forest.

Protecting streams

Roads are the biggest source of sediment pollution of streams in forested landscapes.

Forest Service Projects

We investigate, monitor, and suggest improvements to a multitude of Forest Service projects.

ATVs & License Plates

In the  ‘90s, All Terrain Vehicles were being issued license plates by mountain counties in north Georgia.

Roadless Rule Victory

Approximately 64,873 acres of Inventoried Roadless Areas are designated as Roadless Areas in Georgia.

Biomass Burning

A major legal victory that will help reduce respiratory ailments and control carbon dioxide emissions!

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