Life of a Forest Service Project 8.28.20

Learn more about how the Forest Service plans, reviews, and implements “vegetation management” projects and how ForestWatch combines boots-on-the-ground monitoring with collaboration to positively impact project outcomes. 

3-4pm Friday August 28, 2020 Presentation by Jess Riddle
Thanks for JOINing US for this ONLINE EVENT and virtual Happy Hour afterwards!

We have a few opportunities for YOU to be a ForestWatch Advocate below.

  1. Take this QUICK QUIZ to test your knowledge of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest based on the presentation above!
  2. Get the iNaturalist App on your mobile device AND ADD YOUR COUNTY (or counties of most interest) for collecting pictures and helpful data on wildlife and plants when you’re out in the national forests!
  3. Email with THREE WORDS OR CONCEPTS you would like added to our forest glossary while skimming an official ForestWatch comment on the Upper Warwoman Project

We’re here to support you as you help us protect our forests. Your feedback is always welcome, and your support through membership is invaluable in continuing this work.