Forms – Membership, Sign up, Tabling, and more!

Tabling and Presentations:

Tabling and Presentations Form (Let Staff know who, when, where)

Membership Form Updated June 2019

Sign Up Sheet (email only) Updated September 2019

Sales Tracking Sheet for Tabling Updated November 2019

Hike Leaders and Outings

Outing Description Form (Let Staff know who, when, where)

To print up-to-date Outing Calendar, click print on the Google calendar on the Outings Page

Emergency Contact sheet full info (5 per page) Updated November 2019

Outing Waiver

GAFW Emergency and Safety best practices

See past Outings

Membership other:

Legacy Brochure Updated October 2019

Memorial Form Updated June 2019

ForestWatch Advocacy:

Community Group
Planning – Get Together Form to organize and publicize the opportunity for ForestWatch Advocacy

Check-in Sheet for events/programs Updated November 2019

Community Group Feedback:
Reporting – ForestWatch Advocacy Feedback Form to measure actions accomplished

Signup Sheet (full info) Updated August 2019