Comment on how the Forest Service spends millions

Passed this August 2020, the Great American Outdoors Act provides funding for the Forest Service to “address deferred maintenance and other infrastructure projects on national forests and grasslands through 2025.” There are certainly plenty of infrastructure needs on the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests, and we support the general purpose of these funds. But, in taking a closer look, we noticed a few details that deserve your attention.

Comments from YOU are due Monday, November 30th, 2020. 

Help us focus comments on one specific aspect of the proposal: 
Funds for major maintenance on roads on the Chattahoochee NF should go where public access is needed the most and funding is least available, NOT where funding will already be available in conjunction with the Foothills Landscape Project.

This distinction is important for two reasons:

  • Location. Access roads within the Foothills Landscape are less likely to need major repairs compared to the higher elevations with steeper slopes and higher rainfall. 
  • Need. When timber projects are approved, the cost of access roads are built into site specific planning and timber contracts. There are many problem roads better suited for this type of funding OUTSIDE of future project areas that have caused environmental damage for years.

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We expect relatively few people will have the opportunity to comment due to a very short comment window AND that window of opportunity being over holidays. That situation will make YOUR comments all the more impactful. 

Let’s make sure your tax dollar allocations don’t slip through fingers.
Happy Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Day!