October 10, 2020 — a part of the ForestWatch FALL RETREAT
Guided by Janisse Ray, author of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood

In a moment of sudden understanding, we become aware of something we did not understand before. Even if change has been happening over time,  awareness often dawns on us. We are looking for your epiphanies, your stories of change, as they relate to nature.

Please join us at the ForestWatch Retreat in a virtual storytelling session around a virtual campfire. We’ll call it The Firefly Story Hour. If you would like to tell a 3-4 minute story around the theme of CHANGE, we would love to hear it.

What changes have you seen in nature, especially Georgia’s national forests, since you’ve been paying attention? Tell about a time you saw that something had changed. How did you feel? How did it change you? What special thing has happened to you as a result of your love of nature? What have you lost or found? How have you changed during the time you’ve been working with the forest? Why? What changes do you foresee in the future? What changes affected by climate disruption are you seeing and experiencing? How is that affecting you? Has someone you know changed in their actions or thinking because of the forest? How has the pandemic changed your experience of nature?

Contact Janisse (contact in event ticket receipt email) to reserve a spot to tell your tale in  a 3-4 minute spot in The Firefly Story Hour. Fairy tales, fictions, and fabrications are welcome, as long as they are true.