12-2pm Wild and Woolly Hike 1. Patricia Kristi Howell and Dennis Cline

Where to meet
Sautee Nachoochee Center – We’ll carpool from the Center to Dennis’ home and garden, about 15-20 minutes away. See on Google Maps

Distance and difficulty of Hike/Outing
Easy, leisurely stroll of about 1 mile on woodland garden paths.

What to bring and wear
What to bring and wear – Sun hat, rain jacket, water, snack, epi-pen if you need it. We will not be stopping for lunch on this outing so either eat lunch before you arrive or bring a trail snack and plan to eat more at the Wild&Woolly Event which will have plenty of food, starting at 2p, about the time we’ll return to the Sautee Nacoochee Center.

Member Dennis Clines will open his native plant garden near Sautee for a medicinal plant walk led by member Patricia Howell, Herbalist. We’ll stroll easy walking trails over richly forested land, along a small creek, where we’ll find woodland sculptures and many of Georgia’s spring wildflowers, ferns, shrubs and trees, including Oconee Bell, various Trillium varieties, Golden Seal, and Grass-of-Parnassus. Along the way, Patricia will fill us in on historical and current uses of local plants as medicine, foods, and more, while Dennis will share some of the stories of his work creating this special nature walk.